29 dicembre 2009

Mostra delle foto di LOOK a New York (2)

Recensendo la mostra "Only in New York" che raccoglie una serie di scatti realizzati da vari fotografi per la rivista LOOK, il New York Times fornisce una galleria di scatti tra cui compaiono il pugile Rocky Graziano, immortalato da Kubrick nel 1950, e il nightclub Copacabana, fotografato nel 1949.

Questo l'estratto dell'articolo che parla delle fotografie di Kubrick:
Among the talents Look attracted was a young Stanley Kubrick, who sold his first photograph to the magazine at the age of 16 and continued to work for it for five years. In his images of prizefighters and showgirls, New York is a noirish, not-quite-believable backdrop, as it was in Kubrick’s much later film “Eyes Wide Shut.”
Even his sunnier assignments have a suspenseful edge. He was one of three photographers assigned to cover the spectacle of a Midtown billboard painter working, high up on a scaffold, from a live model. The other shooters focused on the woman and the product, the Peter Pan bra company’s “Merry-Go-Round” (slogan: “The secret’s in the circle!”). Kubrick took close-ups of the gobsmacked people on the ground.
Back When ‘Look’ Meant a Magazine, Karen Rosenberg, The New York Times 25.12.2009

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