27 giugno 2008

Scene tagliate in mostra alla Arts Fair

Sul numero del 24 giugno 2008 del St. Albans & Harpenden Review, un articolo dedicato all'imminente edizione della Childwickbury Arts Fair di Christiane Kubrick rivelava che uno stand avrebbe ospitato la proiezione di spezzoni inediti dei film di Kubrick, tagliati in fase di montaggio.
EXCLUSIVE footage of Stanley Kubrick's award winning films will be shown to the public for the first time at this year's Childwickbury Arts Fair.
Along with approximately 30 artists demonstrating their flare and a range of children's entertainment, a cinema room will play outtakes and cut scenes from the late director's masterpieces.
The annual fair was set up by his wife and life-long artist Christiane Kubrick with the help of her family five years ago, after a similar event which she attended in Oxford, closed down.
Held at Childwickbury Stables, the three day fair will run between July 4 and 6 and aims to promote the appreciation and understanding of art.
Christiane Kubrick, 76, who has lived at the estate since 1979, said: "I think our fair is really quite special and that every single artist there is performing their work as normal, not slicked up.
"For the artists it's great fun and you hope to have good contact with the audience. I look forward to arranging it every year and, hopefully, with each year it gets better and better.
"As DVDs show outtakes and extra footage these days I decided to show some of my husband's - it is a little tribute to him of course."
The exhibiting artists are of all ages and crafts ranging from potters to sculptors and artists to jewellery makers, and film fans can even learn to edit footage.
The fair will be packed with children's entertainment, food and drink stalls and of course music throughout the day, along with two special evening concerts; a soul band on the Friday night and a mix of funky pop and country on Saturday night.
For more information or to book tickets visit or contact Paula Murray 07976439850

Sfortunatamente (ma io direi il contrario) si tratta di un marchiano errore. Katharina Kubrick ha confermato che Christiane, intervistata telefonicamente da un giornalista non particolarmente brillante, stava parlando semplicemente dei contenuti extra nei DVD. L'articolo è stato prontamente rimosso.

03 giugno 2008

40 anni di 2001 dalla ISS

L'ingegnere capo della International Space Station in orbita attorno alla terra festeggia con un annuncio speciale i 40 anni dall'uscita di 2001: Odissea nello Spazio.

Il testo del discorso e il video all'interno della stazione spaziale sono disponibili sul sito della NASA.
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